Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fundraising for CF

Yesterday people shook buckets for Cystic Fibrosis in Dundrum Town Centre. My parents, my sister and I took the Tesco enterance in shifts. This was probably the most 'hands on' fundraising I've ever done (apart from collecting a euro from everyone for 'Non Uniform Day' in school). It was a really great experience as you get to witness pure generosity and kindness from strangers; it restores faith that people are good!!

Some people came up and put in money quietly and didn't want the pin or keyring in return. Others came up and had a personal connection to CF so it was nice to talk to them. Amazingly two people came up to me and said they had been in St Vincent's hospital and had witnessed what people with Cystic Fibrosis have to endure (with the lack of facilities among other things) and felt compelled to offer a contribution. And quite a number of people mentioned the 'Joe Duffy' radio show which catapullted CF into the limelight a couple of weeks ago.

On a personal note I enjoyed being able to volunteer on behalf of the CF association as it celebrates the fact that I have the health to be able volunteer! As well as this, it is a great tool for awareness and fundraising at the same time. I really feel it is so, so important to give back where and when you can.

On a related note, registration opens for the Women's Mini Marathon (10k) at the end of this month and I would strongly encourage anyone who has legs (or wheels of course) to take part. It's on the 2nd of June. Trust me, if *I* am still here typing this this year having completed it last year, anyone can do it. I was more concerned about the rain's devestating effects on my fake tan let's not forget!! If anyone is interested in walking/running/wheeling (in chairs only) around with us please contact me!