Monday, January 28, 2008

Update on me

I'm doing rather good at the moment. I'll be calling to the hospital at some stage this week as I've got a rather annoying chest infection again. Ciproxin followed by Augmentin Duo hasn't had much of an effect so I'd be curious to see where my lung function stands and to see if either the chest infection or the subsequent tablets have had any impact on it.

I joined the gym and have been following a programme made out for me. It involves 15mins on the treadmill, 15mins on the bike and an assortment of lifty things that work on all sorts of parts of my body. I'm not sure exactly what, but all I know is when I do any of them, my muscles shake like jelly. I think that means I have a bit of a way to go before I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger just yet. I've been managing to go up every second day for a workout. Friday was my first 'slacking' day since I began, where I just didn't have the energy to keep going and stopped on the bike. This may be related to the chest infection as I had a pretty crummy Saturday.

I've got my dreaded driving test on Tuesday. Note the word 'dreaded'. If only I could drive then I'd be able to pass. I'm on an excellent website at the moment which is really helping me to minimise the faults I can get marked on, but at the same time has me freaking out because it's rather clear I'm rather unprepared. Rather.

Did you know, on "Reacting Promptly and Properly to Hazards" bit one can get marked a fault "Where an applicant splashes pedestrians with surface water.*"!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone is well and dandy,

Love Froggay...

*Does that mean I should use bottled water instead?