Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday's Joe Duffy...

Click Here for Friday's Joeeeeee Duffy show. On the right hand side, select "listen to latest show".

The show is about an hour long, and understandably not everyone has that time to listen and some might not even be particularly interested in the topic. I would urge, push, and really encourage you to click the link, and when the player opens, skip (drag the bar along) to the 1hr 06mins in. They play a collection of the clips that sum up what this has all been about.

In this show they had two girls with Cystic Fibrosis in the studio (seperate rooms I might add, more than what they could get in Vincent's Hospital) who spoke incredibly well.

The HSE (equivliant of NHS) say that Vincent's Hospital have blocked their attempts to put in an interm solution to this problem.

Can people stop playing games and power struggles and just give the patients what they NEED please?