Sunday, December 23, 2007


About a week ago I went shopping with my brother. My brother is the one who writes things for a joke in my Guestbook but only a few people would realise he is in fact joking, to the rest it looks like he's a freak. Which wouldn't be a million miles away from the truth. That is why I need to moderate my guestbook.

Anyway we went to the same shop so naturally what we bought went into the same bag. All's grand. About 5 days later he asks me where the bag is. I thought HE had it, HE thought I had it. I accepted responsibility because he was just so convincing.

I looked *everywhere* for it, I tidied my room, emptied my room searched the whole house and it was nowhere. I felt terrible as one of the presents he bought was in there. So feeling so bad, I went down to the shop to replace the presents. I figured if the originals showed up I could give them to someone else.

Problem: The thing I bought cost me €7. When I went to buy it again the price came up as €35.00!!! I was flabbergasted. I went up and explained that I had purchased it for €7 the week before. Their reply was "And you want to buy it again??". Kind of missing the point...Anyway they let me have it at €7. Persistence ;-)

So I get back and tell my brother that I had replaced the presents. His tone suddenly was no longer as confident that *I* had lost the presents as it had been. But alas it didn't matter. He had insisted it was my fault so who cares.

And then. Today. What turns up?? The original presents. Where? In a bag, with my brother's scarf! Huh.

But conveniently my brother is nowhere to be found because he had scarpered down the country for the night. Lucky him. I had a frying pan ready to whack him with.