Thursday, December 27, 2007


This is the third time I've sat down to write something here, so here goes again. The first time I wrote an entry about my very first stay in hell Vincent's Hospital which was Christmas two years ago. I got let out on the eve of Christmas eve, someone else did my shopping for me, I was on home IVs and was under instruction to return on the 27th for a nice long stay.

The second time I wrote about what a lovely Christmas we had here this year, although most of the content was a bit materialistic so I finished it with "I'm just relieved to be here and well".

The third entry was about how my Granny (who passed away 3 years ago) used to put on my socks (when I was much younger of course) in a 'magic' way. She used to turn them inside-out and then put them on, and then, like magic, they'd be on the right way. I even remember YEARS ago her trying to put them on me, and the spoilt brat in me pulled my foot away and said 'noooo it the MAGIC way" - poor woman.

Anyway I was hoping when I wrote this FOURTH post (ignore mistake above) all my thoughts would come togther and I'd be able to write an earth moving blog post that would make people go, "wow, that girl deserves a crown made of diamonds so much that I'm going to go around and find out if such a crown can be found", but alas it's not coming. The post, not the crown - although if someone CAN find me one of those, I'd be very pleased.

So Christmas this year was amazing, we are nothing without our health, and there's always another way to do things. Tomorrow I'm going to the races and that is about it. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and that you have a