Thursday, October 18, 2007

So we're sitting at the pantomime which was the Ireland - Vs - Cyprus game this evening. It was possibly the weirdest match I've ever been to, with people being removed for fighting, mooning; people were singing songs that went along the lines of 'Stand up, if you want Stan out', Stan being the manager. We booed all through it, except when we scored. I didn't really booo that much, but being the bandwagoner that I am, added to the fact that everyone else was doing it, I booed sometimes too.

Anyway, at half-time they brought on this 6-a-side 10minute football match featuring children. The aim was to promote the 'stamp out racism' campaign to...stamp out racism (clever) in the game.

They gave all the players' names and said where they were from, keeping in mind that all these children are now living in Ireland. We had Mary Byrne from Ireland, Chin Sow from China, Kashira Rlhyouae from Slovakia and so on and so forth, and then poor John Smith from the Travelling Community - obviously he wasn't any nationality then!!

So the announcer, being a bit of a twit, saying everything three times, talking all the way through the children's' 6 a side match ended with 'A great round of applause for these children who are all doing their bit for racism!!!!!".

...Doing their bit for racism?!!!! *shocked face*..Wow, if only the whole world was so good at promoting it! Shame on you!