Sunday, October 14, 2007

In case you wonder...

... no EILEEN, aka, Country Girl, Girl from Mountains, Girl Who Live Farath Awayith, I made it home this morning in one piece. Mind you at 3.15am, there aren't as many cars to distract you.

Speaking of cars and distractions, I was a witness to a CAR CRASH today!!! It was so shocking. It was like slow motion, I saw it happen before it happened.

I was standing at the lights, with dog on lead, waiting to cross and I saw this car. He was going way too fast. And then I heard the breaks, and then I heard the bang as he just thumped into the car in front. 'Crash' is a bit dramatic, but it was still a bad bump. His car was badly done in, her's not so much but she was upset.

I tried to hang around, you know, in case I was invited to give a witness statement or something exciting but I wasn't asked too. I don't think they saw me. And I was the only person who actually saw the whole thing from a perfect, unobstructed, undistracted angle.

I realise that 'my' excitement for the real scoop is probably less important then the two poor people involved in the incident, but like...they weren't hurt or anything. Well...not too badly... So it's all gravy!