Saturday, September 22, 2007

Someone's looking over me...

I began working my Saturday job back in January. There's a sweet and friendly little café next door where I purchase my lunch every single week. And not only that, but being a creature of habit, I order the exact same thing, every single week. Without fail!! So much so, that if you go in and request a 'Rosie', you will get served the panini I order: a garlic chicken panini with mayo and lettuce.

This morning, I jumped out of bed with a fright, fearing I had overslept, but to my relief it was only 8am. This gave me the luxury of having an extra half an hour in my cosy bed. But, fear became reality when I fell back asleep and really did over sleep. I was awoken again at 8.53 (due in at work at approximately 9am), making me do an Olympic sized high jump out of the bed, and a marathon sprint around the house collecting the true necessities.

I couldn't find my money though, which I had removed from my purse the day before. I shouted to my Mom to drop some up to me later in the day so I could order lunch. And then I set off.

Later in the day, as NOT requested, my Mom turned up with a microwavable Sweet and Sour chicken dish. I ate this with reluctance, frustrated that I couldn't have my 'Rosie' to eat.

Shortly after lunch, a girl came in, saying she had just been really sick and needed something. Aghast, I asked what had brought it on; had she had anything funny to eat etc. She told me she had, that her and her friend (also now getting sick) had just had lunch next door a short time earlier. What did they eat? A Garlic Chicken Panini thing. We all agreed it sounded like an unfortunate case of food poisoning.

The one day, of all the days, that I didn't have my usual. I can't imagine how ill that could have made me, on top of this background chest infection, throat infection, irritated sinuses that I still have. A freak stroke of sheer luck, or someone, somewhere was looking out for me...