Friday, September 07, 2007

4 doses down: 16 to go.

...And the line has gone. It had enough, it heard us all praising its splendid behaviour and cried "No more!".

Every dose has had its share of theatrical dramatics courtesy of yours truly, and every dose has brought symptoms of line death - stings, aches, swolleness to a small degree and the inability to push water through.

For a start, we can never seem to get the gravity drip mechanism right. It will either start off brilliantly and then cease going in altogether, or else it takes ages to get it going and then realises what it should be doing and acts accordingly. Thankfully the arrival of Baxter's ready made stuff will put an end to this.

A lot of it is positional, meaning that if I wave my arm around it eventually finds its groove and goes in. So much so though, that I ended up lying on my bedroom floor, arm up in the air with the drip dangling from a coat hanger hanging off my lamp. How 21st century. It's a pity this was 7.30am this morning, when one was in no mood to be having an impromptu yoga class.

Anyhoo, for me it's off to the hospital tomorrow morning in search of a lady doctor to insert new line. Hopefully the new one will not require an Indian rain dance in order to function. (The line that is...not the doctor...)