Monday, July 23, 2007

Being the mature and grown up that I am, I am a terribly responsible and independant adult.

As such, when I don't want to work, I feel it is my responsiability to be the big person that I am and be the one to arrange for my work place to know. Hence, I ask my Mum. Becuase I can NOT say no and I hate doing it.

Pity, as she completely forgot*, meaning I HAD to work! I stamped my foot and slammed doors. Because I am a mature and grown up grown up. It is a good way to relieve stress.

So I worked today, 9-6 for money which makes it completely NOT worth it. But such is life.

Tomorrow I am off to the Aquatic Centre, which houses a 50m pool and the biggest waterpark (slides and chutes things) in Ireland. I believe they now have FOUR slides! That's us good ole Oirish for ya, always ahead of the toimes with a chuckle and a leap and a "Toppa tha mornin to ya!!".

* Forgot after she did call for me but claimed the phone was engaged and THEN forgot.