Friday, July 20, 2007

Apologies to those (Irish people) who tuned into Newstalk on Tuesday morning with high hopes of hearing my Dad talk about transplants. It would appear either Russians in Britain or British in Russia was more interesting. Hmmmmm.

I am back and feeling much refreshed following my break in England. It was gloriously hot over there so to return to grey skies of yet more rain was a little depressing. Add to that that my suitcase got left out in the rain at both airports so was wet both times was a bit annoying. Huff, never mind.

Sailing was marvellous and I got to sit in, laze sail my Uncle's boat with he and a canny young lad. We raced but unfortunately got ourselves disqualified by accident by not passing some buoy or something. But I do believe we were 'placed' anyway which was nice. The boat was a teensy bit 'whoah' to begin with because we sailed on our side (as opposed to flat) which I thought was an accident, which wasn't, but once you got used to it, it was fine.

I had a truly splendid time and came back ever so relaxed. My Aunt's cooking was/is scrumptious; their house is scrumptious; their boat is scrumptious; it was all marvellous.

Tonight I am off to dinner with G-raze, her sister, Victor and my sister. And then what shall we do?? We shall go out and get the last installment (cry) of Harry Potter.

Short and to the point blog today as I'm off out to get food in a moment. I will blog about England, Eileen, How people who don't like Harry Potter just because everyone else likes it so it looks cool and 'different' not to like it annoys me, and a host of other rambles and waffle. Pleh.