Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Well I have had a nice long rest, and to my complete and utter disbelief I am not even stiff today. I feel a little achy in my right hip when I walk, but apart from that, fine! And can you believe it, I didn't feel breathless ONCE during the entire journey. Not once, not even a little-teensy-wincy-itsy-bitsy bit!

I'm going to write about my mini marathon experience over two or three posts because I'm just that waffely and dramatic I can't simply write "I walked, I finished". Pur-leeeaze!! What am I? A mute? (That said in no way meant to offend mutes, I DO apologize now...)

My Mum had told me on Sunday that I was under no pressure to finish, that I could try and do maybe half the course and my Dad could pick me up and take me home. OR, if I wanted to do it all, I could stop and have breaks and sit down, and I WASN'T to feel pressured by other people or pressured to keep up with others. No pressure OK?? When she first mentioned such a notion I looked at her with my OhmyGAWD-Moooom-you-are-SOOOO-stooopid look and told her 'MOM, I am NOT dropping out!'. This idea of being picked up was thrown about the place a few more times right up until Monday when we got to the start line, by which time I just humoured her and assured I would indeed say 'Oh NO, my legs - are - BREAKING - I need to stop' if I became tired. She seemed satisfied.

We arrived in town at about 2pm, with the race due to begin at 3pm. I have never seen so many ladies dressed so brightly in all my life- it was incredible. We had to make our way from the Luas to the starting line (which itself was about a MILE, so any sponsors out there, keep that in mind) but for some bizarre reason everyone around me was RUNNING to the start line. Either they were eager beavers, or were people who didn't really know where the race start was so kind of just...ran...aimlessly...Weird. It was about this time, I realised that I had done NO training WHATSOEVER except for that stint of 'jogging' about a month ago, which I did all of twice (talk about dedication!). I then considered the whole 'lift home' option and felt it was good to have as a back up.

Anyway, myself and my mum made our way to the start line, where we stood for about half an hour. It then began to drizzle. And rain. And RUIN MY TAN!! That was annoying. Luckily my mum had a geeky very practical rain mac which we held over us until it eased off. I wanted to wrap it around my waist to protect my beautiful legs from any more damage and preventing it from looking like something was running down my legs, but my mum felt prevention from pneumonia was a better idea. Yeah...Whatever.

Then came the instructions from a God like, muffled and hard to hear/understand voice. Things like:

Nooow ladies, let's have a big S for SAY-FEH-TEEE!! (Symphony?? Did he say 'Symphony'?? What would he said THAT? Mum what *is* he on about??)

Nooow ladies, BIN-LOINERS (some clever clogs brought bin liners in case it rained): PLEASE be careful when dispooosing of yer bin loiners. Think of those behind you when taking them off, they are VERY easy to slip on (Can you imagine slipping on a bin liner??? Or *seeing* someone going flying on a bin liner?! Whoooop! Hahhahaha) ind we dooon't want eny injeries!
Noooow ladies, Umburellas! Umburellas aare LETAL! ....

At this point some smart guy unplugged his microphone he got cut off, thank goodness. The rain and drizzle settled off (but the damage was done- my poor legs). Our hearts began beating with anticipation as the cheers marked the runners starting. This was it. I took a few deep breaths and shook out my arms to 'warm up'(?) (and because that's what they do on TV). I shook out and rolled my neck. Someone from behind pushed me and I yelled 'Hang on!!' I did a bit of jogging and marching on the spot. I doubled tied my laces straightened my socks. I looked at my watch and studied it for a few seconds. I then felt I had done enough studying and decided this was it. And so off we SET!!!

....And then we stopped. It actually took us eleven minutes to get to the start line.