Friday, June 22, 2007

OK, first off, I have just finished the 2nd 'Frequently Asked Questions' which can be found in the Medical Blog. I will save you the time of scrolling down and finding the link. Just click HERE. (Lazy *ahem*scoundrels*hemhem*)

Thank you for your questions. (KM, I put in your one from the restaurant that night...same night as I discovered the CULT next door to where you work).

I *love* hearing from people who read my blog. When I go to my inbox and I see someone has left me a comment in my guestbook, I feel like it's my birthday! I positively CRAVE such attention, like some sort of spoiled child and it really, truly makes my day. It's funny how something that takes just a second to do, can make ME so happy! Some people crave cigarettes, for others it is alcohol. Me? I like comments! And yes, I am a self centered, ego and this is about making ME happy despite the fact that it is all of you contacting me!

In all seriousness, I am not someone who actively goes out and seeks attention (except that time when I wore a rain-mac-hat and some rude person said 'my granny wears one of those' and I turned around and said 'SOOOO??'. That shocked her. Her mouth made such a perfect 'o', I could have thrown a golf ball in. Anyway, that was some good seeking of attention).

So with today being so rainy and wet and floody and miserable, I turn to you, the readers and ask you to take just 30 seconds out of your reading time and leave me a comment. You can make it so only I can read it, or you can display it for all to see! If you are a bit of a NunnyMouse type of person, it may take you a bit of plucking of courage, but I believe in you. You can do it! *cheer* What would I like to know about you?? Well:

Who ARE you? Where are you? How did you find me? Is your weather as bad as mine? Would you ever wear a rain-mac-hat?? I want to know about YOU!! So come on, cough up!! I'm waiting! So don't disappoint....

But please cover your mouth. I don't want to catch anything off you...