Saturday, May 05, 2007

My seemingly never ending working week of 9-6 has ended. I have a shopping list of NEEDS that NEEDS to be fulfilled so that will be my main goal this week. I NEED new runners (cross trainers, how fancy) and new shoes in general as the lack of support and complete impracticality that comes along with all my other shoes is beginning to be a pain. I mean that quite litreally. I also NEED to get new clothes to fill my summer wardrobe ( it would appear I have put on a great deal of weight this year!) and I also NEED a bikini. I also NEED to get my hair done and buy some new fake tan. Did I ever mention that since my transplant (Did I ever mention I had a transplant??) I can't seem to catch a tan. EVen if I was to set myself alight with matches I don't think I would muster a pink colour. Quite a teeny tiny minor itsy bitsy annoyance in the grand scheme of things me thinks though.

I went and did some research in to the Dunlaorghrie Baths (swimming pool) to see if they were still available to swim in. This place used to be the disneyland of swimming pools in its day, and even had a few water slide/chute things. They got shut down after (rumour has it) a girl flew down them in a rather enthusiastic manor, flailing her arms around , squeeling with delight and having the time of her life until her finger got caught somewhere and *yoink*, that finger was no more. They said it even followed her down a few minutes later, and that's when the spectators realised just what had happened. Then the yarn kind of trailed off and there was some whispers that she died. I'm not so sure about the last part though. Or the first part. Anyway, it was a nice place. The slides were long shut before I went there, but the water came right in from the sea. It was pure salt water from the sea withouth the hazzards of being swept out to sea if you were to sit on a lilo, which I have been very reliably informed from my Mum that that thing actually can happen. Scary...

Anyway, following my research I discovered teh place is now a disused wreck. They're trying to build apartments over it. The really funny thing is, is that in the states these 'salt' pools are all the rage nowadays - no chlorine and messy chemicals. So what's going to happen? They'll shut this one down. They'll open a brand new 'salt water good for your health' pool in some health spa in the Wiclow mountains and charge a fortune to get in.

You see, I can have intelligent opinions on current affairs sometimes too. Here's a picture of what the lovely baths look like now: (I swear it wasn't *this* bad when I went there!!)