Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hotter and hotter it continues to get/be. I slaved in the office today. I went across to the park at lunchtime along with the other gazillion billion people who were also on their lunch break. It was like an oven, SOOO hot, but it was lovely. Unfortunately I had a microwaveable meal which I wasn't prepared to eat un-microwaved so I had cut short my park bathing and get back in. In hindsight a hot sweet and sour chicken meal wasn't the most practical of meal choices on a day as hot as this, but I had an icepop to balance things out. And a big bag of crisps. And a chocolate bar. And a bottle of Diet coke. And it was a proper bottle not one of those so called 'fun size' bottles, which in reality are no FUN at all because you get about TWO mouthfuls out of them and then they're gone.

I also walked around in my vest top today, exposing my arms and shoulders to the sun (I'm BAD I know!) but once again I didn't even go pink. Or slightly pink. Or any other shade of colour related to pink. Which is weird considering my pre transplant days where I was get a golden tan!! I was even sun burned going for my transplant in July. You see in my very early days after transplant (day 1-3) I was on an anti-rejection medication called Cyclosporin, which made me go very pink all over. It gave me a million white head ugly looking spots on my face, and I looked like I had just got in from hours of sun-baking. I was taken off this medication shortly afterwards, but I often wonder had this stuff got anything to do with my current state of non pinkling.

And on a final note, unrelated to the weather., the elections are coming up soon. It will be my first opportunity to vote and most other years I have some opinion except this year, when I actually need one. As part of the "Sick Waiting" campaign organised by the Cystic Fibrosis Association, we got a slot on PrimeTime which was excellent. I thought the piece came across very well and featured myself (as the post transplant person), A lady up in Dundalk (as the pre transplant person, as well as someone who receives their treatments outside the republic) and a young lady known as Miss T (who is not a t transplant stage, a student, and a patient in Vincents Hospital). With the elections looming what we really need our improved standards both with regard to staffing levels and isolation units for patients. Each of the parties was asked what they would do for PWCF (people with CF) if they got into government. The various responses were interesting, except for Fianna Fáil which simply quoted their previous budget investments. That wasn't much of an answer in my opinion and a bit of a cop out to be honest. Anyway I haven't decided who to vote for yet. Only three weeks to decided I think...