Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the thirteenth!!

Thank you to all those who sympathised with me on the awful event of the Nose Tube. I think I was a BIT dramatic as there are plenty of people who do these things all the time without complaint. But nonetheless I was upset and it was lovely to get such lovely comments. (Heads up to Jenny and The Country Singer!!)

*Gulp*.. *Gulp*... *Gag*.. *Cold Sweat*.. *Gulp*...*Cold S.... Oh never mind!

Well thankfully nothing majorly bad happened me today. Yet. Gulp!
I woke up and ate half a packet of refreshers and then remembered that I should have clicked 'event' on my PH studies monitor before doing such a thing. Nevermind. I didn't lose much sleep over that.

I returned to the Lady-who-does-these-things today and had the infernal thing removed. That bit only took a second and wasn't that bad at all. I think the fact that I knew it was coming out made me glad. Again, with the 'not letting me help at all', she insisted that SHE took my plasters off. I said 'Well no, I always do these things'. She then told me that it was sometimes easier if other people did these things, because 'one whip and its gone'. I think my eyes popped out of their sockets at that, I certainly do NOT like things being 'whipped off', no no! Slow and steady and MY way works best!

I've the day off work tomorrow which is fantastic. Since I shall not be working I shall go out and about and do something interesting. What with the lovely weather I feel I should take it all in while I can!