Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eileen gave out to me because apparently my blogs of late have been 'too morbid' and irrelevant. Some people have no appreciation for things. Anyway as such, I shall take a break from such 'depressing' posts.

Nothing much is happening here these days. Oh except that time today when the phone rang and it rang and rang and then I ran to answer it and I answered it and they said:

"Hi is that Mr FitzGerald?"

What the?? MR FitzGerald?! I told him no, that this was his daughter and hung up.

Tomorrow is THE big day when my feeding tube is coming out. I know I said it was coming out months ago, but things happen and things change so I have an official appointment tomorrow. I then have to have a long tube put down my nose and into my stomach (which is gross I know) to test the PH and acidity of my stomach. The two events are unrelated.

And FINALLY, today is my Father's birthday. I won't say how old he is, because I actually don't know. I stopped caring when I stopped making him birthday cards and needed to know the number. I should get him something for his birthday. I want to get something different.

Socks, Tie, Book and Book voucher it is so! Sweets are off the list because he's a diabetic. He just couldn't stand me having the limelight and had to join the diabetes club too.